Why do I need a mobile optimized website?

Currently, mobile technology is the fastest growing industry in the history of the world. Right now, there are 5 times as many cell phones in the world than there are computers, and over 50% of online searches are done on mobile devices. By not having a website that functions properly on mobile devices, you are sacrificing at least 1/4 of you potential customers.

Does it really make a difference to my customers?

According to our research, yes.

90% of potential customers will abandon a website if it is not optimized for mobile use and 52% say that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to interact with a company.

48% say they feel frustrated and annoyed and  36% say they feel they have wasted their time visiting sites that are not optimized for mobile use.

48% say if a site did not work well on their mobile device, it made them feel as if the company didn’t care about their business and  50% say that even if they like a business, they will use it less often if they do not have a mobile friendly website.

On the other hand,  74% of people are more likely to return to a mobile friendly website in the future. Which position would you like your business to be in?

Will having a mobile optimized website really make a difference for my business?

Absolutely, and in more ways than one. . .

Your customers are using their smartphones daily when making purchase decisions. 96% of smartphone users search for local business information and 90% take action by making a purchase, contacting the business, or visiting the store location. 70% of these mobile searches lead to action within an hour, and it takes about the same percentage of desktop users one month to catch up.

In terms of advertising, mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than online ads in key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness, and purchase intent. Mobile coupons have a redemption rate that is 10 times higher than print coupons. Businesses see an average of a 30% increase in mobile web activity after implementing their new mobile presence

Word of mouth and customer referrals are a valuable way to increase your customer base, but 57% of customers will not recommend a business with a bad mobile experience. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity reach new customers!

If I have a mobile optimized website, do I need an app?

Not necessarily, but there are incredible benefits that come from having a personalized app for your customers.

65% of smartphone users prefer to use apps over internet options. There is no internet connection needed to access an app, and many features that are beneficial to your customers are only available within an app. If you would like to utilize features such as push notifications, QR and GPS coupons, loyalty rewards, customer scheduled appointments/reservations and appointment reminders, photos uploaded directly from customers, paypal integration and certain purchasing features.

Customer loyalty is crucial to the success of any business, and it is 7 to10 times more expensive to reach new customers than it is to maintain loyal ones. Having a business app is a great way to maintain a real connection with your current customers. Think about it, if a customer has your app downloaded onto their phone, why would they need to approach any other business in your industry? You are already there, at their fingertips, when they need you.

Do I have to make changes to my current website?

Absolutely not. Every feature of your current website will be highlighted within your mobile optimized website, and there are no changes that you need to make. Our development team will simply implement or provide you with a redirect script to embed into your current website. This script will recognize when your website is accessed from a mobile device, and will automatically redirect your customers to your mobile site.

I have found other resources that will allow me to create a template for a mobile optimized website, why should I choose your company to create mine?

It is important to understand that all our mobile websites are fully customizable to intentionally avoid a template look and feel. We want your mobile website to present a professional image for your company. Our mobile websites are available with unlimited space and unlimited tab features, allowing us to create a mobile website that will not only meet your requirements, but also stand out in your customers’ minds.


Now that I have a mobile website and app, how do I let my customers know?

We are committed to ensuring that your mobile website and app are working towards the success of your business, so we are proud to offer complimentary marketing assistance to help implement this technology. We will create QR codes along with window and/or counter displays to promote your new mobile presence. Other discounted graphic design services or advertising options are available, including designed print materials and direct mailing.

How do I know its working?

We will provide you with private login information  to access graphic and statistical information about customer activity and interaction with your mobile website and app.  You will be able to see in real time how effective this technology is for your business.