Over 45 Mobile Features Available Including:

One Touch Calling
An interactive and user friendly feature that enables a customer to quickly make a call by pressing one button, avoiding the hassle of remembering a number and manually inputting it into the keypad.

GPS Directions
Increase customer traffic to your location by letting this convenient feature provide them with turn by directions from anywhere in the world!

Push Notifications
Send messages to your customers whenever you'd like using our easy-to-use content management system.

Social Media Integration
Capitalize on this marketing trend by linking customers directly to your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and MySpace.

Visual Notifications

Similiar to push notifications, this feature will allow you to send visual advertisements and coupons directly to your customers. Through our easy notification system, messages will be displayed across the customer’s home screen, with no need for them to open the app.

Loyalty Coupons
Reward your loyal customers for making frequent purchases while saving money on the traditional printed punch cards.

Photo Gallery
Display images of your business, events, customers, products, before and afters, and more in a visually pleasing gallery specificially optimized for iPhone and Andriod platforms. (Can be integrated with Flickr and Picasa)

Event Listings
Keep your customers informed on-the-go with a feature that displays upcoming events.

Let your customers take your business viral with built in sharing capabilities for email, Facebook, text messages, and Twitter.

Business Info
Let your customers get to know you and your business by displaying information such as employee bios, mission and vision statements, business history, menus, services, etc...

Custom Email Forms
Make it easy for customers to contact your business for specific information requests about products, services, estimates, etc...

Points of Interest
Get customers interested in visiting your business and the surrounding area by displaying a map with a categorized list of relevant points of interest.

Blog Integration
Allow your customers to easily access your blog posts through live RSS feed integration.

Shopping Cart, Reservation Network, Advertising, and SoundCloud Integration
Integration wiht Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Admob, Open Table, and Sound Cloud

Food Ordering
Allow customers to conveniently customize and complete orders through your app or mobile website.

Open Table Integration
Integrate a restaurant reservation system into your mobile app for on-the- go restaurant reservations

Voice Recorder
Give your customers the convenience of recording voice notes and sending them to anyone at anytime through your app.

Real Time Appointment Setting and Reservation Network
Give your customers the convenience and flexibility to easily schedule their own appointments/reservations; decrease cancelled/missed appointments with automated appointment reminders.

Allow customers to input their own notes within your bsuiness app and email them to anyone at anytime.

Email Marketing
Integrate with your current email marketing platform or build a new database through customized email forms. Integrate with My Emma, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Get Response Int, iContact, and MailChimp.

GPS Coupons
Increase interaction with your loyal customers by creating coupons for you customers to unlock by “checking in” at your location.

PDF Display
Display PDF versions of anything: menus, catalogs, listings, brochures, flyers, etc...

YouTube Integration
Give your customers the ability to access hundreds of videos directly from your mobile app.

Video Player
Make an impact by creating and sharing videos for your customers to view within your app.

Podcast Integration
Connect with customers in new ways through audio/video podcast integration into your mobile app.

Music Player
Give your fans and customers the opportunity to listen to and purchase music directly from your app.

RSS Feed Integration
Keep customers informed with instant updates of text from a blog or any industry related news feed.

Complex Calculators
Assist your customers with complex calculations such as tip and mortgage calculations, or even let them track their stats and scores.

Shopping Cart
Increase your revenue by selling products or services through your mobile app via PayPal and Google Checkout.

Photo Sharing
Connect with your customers in an innovate way by encouraging them to send photos of themselves or others using your products, attending your events, or visiting your location.

Fan Wall
Allow your customers to interact with your business by leaving feedback and testimonials directly through your mobile website or app. Comments are managed online.

QR (Quick Response) Code Intergration
A graphic composed of a digital code that can be scanned by a mobile device to link directly with any web address, providing a more convenient way for customers to access websites, social media, special offers, exclusive coupons and more!
QR Coupon Generator
Conveniently create your own QR code to link your customers to special offers and coupons to increase business traffic and customer loyalty.
QR Scanner
Give your customers easy access to a feature that scans
QR codes and automatically directs users to an end
location, eliminating the need to remember and manually
type in a URL address.

Real Time Analytics
Track your progress by accessing real time analytical and statistical information about customer activity and interaction with your mobile website and app.